Urban Macro Project NYC

Macro is a fascinating category of photography, giving a photographer the ability to shoot very small and ickle things, and lets us see the world around us from a unique point of view – but the vast majority of macro photography is of nature. Go ahead, Google ‘macro photography’ and check out the results under ‘Images’. You will see a lot of stunning and beautiful photos taking advantage of the close-up capabilities of macro lenses, but they will all be essentially of nature.

This project is an attempt to do a comprehensive macro study of the littler little things that create the whole of NYC’s neighborhoods. We’ve seen Times Square or Greenwich Village from every photographic angle and perspective pretty much,  besides macro. So it occurred to me,why not give macro a shot? ‘Shot’, heh, usually I don’t do terrible puns, but that one just kinda happened. Pardon.

Inherently this will also be a study on shapes, patterns, colors and light – the attempt to paint digitally abstract images with a camera, macro lens and bokeh. Whether inside or outside the neighborhood, an item being sold in a store or a part of the trains that inhabit the tracks underneath, the lights of a ‘billboard’ or the lights on a Halal Cart parked on a hungry street corner – it’s all fair game. Next neighborhoods to be shot are Soho and parts of the Village.

For the gearheads: Times Square, Bryant Park & Grand Central were all shot with a Canon 40D and Canon 100mm macro.  The High Line was shot with an OM-D E-M5 and 60mm Oly macro. Shot in RAW and edited in LR4. All future shoots will be with the OM-D kit. All shots are handheld. Most shots are at or very close to 1:1 macro – there are a few that are out of a ‘macro range’ but just aesthetically pleasant to me.

Links to galleries for each individual neighborhood:

Date: December 19, 2012